My passion for visual arts began as a young teenager working as an apprentice in repro for the print industry. Soon after I moved into the graphic design and advertising world. For nearly 2 decades I worked in various roles such as a layout compositor, high end scanner operator, traditional & digital retoucher, art director, production & studio manager, working for award winning Australian & British design & advertising agencies. 

I decided I needed a change and I was drawn to exploring the possibility of turning my beloved hobby of photography into a sustainable career. Being largely self taught at the time, I ventured back to University to do some further study in photography at the University of the Arts London, LCC. 

Predominantly I shoot people (and sometimes animal) based Advertising & PR campaigns together with editorial and commercial portraiture, beauty and a sprinkling of food.

My work has won numerous awards for campaigns I've been involved in. I've photographed a handful of books. I'm represented by Kayte Ellis Agency, a proud member of the think TANK Photo Pro Team and an AOP member.  

Born and bred in Australia, I moved to London in 2000. Husband and a father, coffee obsessed and my favourite season is Winter.